other supplies for fresh air

There are many tools you can use to improve the air quality in your home. In this section I cover extra tools I have come across and I have found very useful for improving home air quality.  If you are looking for things to do to improve your air quality, browse through and I am sure you will find something that you can immediately use to make improvements  to your home's air today.

Door Screen

An important part of keeping the air in your home clean is keeping bugs out of your home.  There are many ways you can do this but one way I recommend is to install a door screen like Magic Mesh.  A door screen is basically a mosquito net that you put on all your exit doors that keep bugs out while letting fresh air into your home.

Door screens allow you to keep your door open and let fresh outdoor air in without worrying about bugs flying into your home. You can also apply the same concept to windows. Out of the numerous door screens I recommend Magic Mesh because unlike most screens it has magnets on its edges that keep the screen sealed shut without you having to touch or tie down anything.  It allows you and your pets to go through hands free and reseals itself. You can check out Magic Mesh on Amazon

Air Curtains

The other way to prevent bugs and in addition pollutants from entering your home through your exit doors is by using an air curtain. This device is a high powered fan that is put above your door facing down and blows air out in a way that prevents air flow in and out of your home or room. The fan's force is so strong it also prevents odors and insects from moving or flying in and out of your home. An air curtain that works really well is the Awoco 36" Super Power 1400 CFM (check it out here on Amazon).

Air Sanitizers

Air sanitizers are often confused for air purifiers but they are quite different. Though they are sprayed into the air like air fresheners, air sanitizers  actually contain chemicals that react with and neutralize pollutant air particles. They do extremely well with odors and I recommend the Ozium air sanitizer for emergency situations where you need to quickly get rid of bad odors.

For instance, if your shoes happen to smell really bad, try putting them in a plastic bag and spraying some Ozium in there and come back after 6 hours. It will be as if your shoes never even had a bad smell.  Ozium is quite powerful and if weed smokers swear by it, you know it will help you with odors. Get your can of Ozium  on Amazon here.

Activated Carbon Bags

If you read through my blog you will notice I am strong advocate of  activated carbon air purifier bags, especially the ones that are made of  bamboo charcoal.  Air purifier bags take Volatile Organic Compounds and odors out of the air by adsorbing them. Over some time they will keep your home or vehicle smelling fresh if you position them strategically and you eliminate the source of your bad odor.  My favorite air purifier bags are the Purggo for use in cars and the MOSO air purifier bags for use in my home use.

Gel Odor Adsorbent

Besides air purifier bags you also get specialized gel based odor adsorbents. They usually come in a canister and they adsorb odors and VOCs just like activated carbon does. A great example of this is the Bad Air Sponge (click here to check out the Bad Air Sponge).

Activate Carbon Seat Cushions

Another way you can take advantage of activated carbon is by having them inserted in seat cushions. Activated carbon seat cushions are specially designed  for people with flatulence. As you fart, the odor gets immediately adsorbed by the activated carbon in your seat cushion and you can leave the crime scene as if nothing ever happened.  Have a look at the DGQ Natural Bamboo Charcoal seat cushion on Amazon for more information.

Activated Carbon Underwear

I hope you are not fed up with activated carbon. If you liked the seat cushion idea, you will probably like the activated carbon underwear too. It is just as it sounds. This is an underwear that you put on and it adsorbs all the smell from your farts right in your underwear.

You can literally walk around your office farting and no one will ever know. I dare you to try standing next to your colleague at work  and fart while wearing one of these.  Trust me, they won't know a thing.  A great choice for activated carbon underwear are Shreddies and you can get them here for both men and women.

Bed Climate Control

If you have read through my blog you will know that dust mites can ruin your indoor air quality and you need to get rid of them.  One thing that flares up dust mite in your home and especially your bed is the moisture from your sweat. Dust mite love a warm damp environment and if you combine this with dead human and pet skin they breed like crazy. But how do you prevent sweating in bed you may ask? 

The best solution I have found to prevent sweating in bed and subsequently creating an environment for dust mites to thrive is the BedJet Climate Control System. This device can control the temperature in your bed so well you can set it to prevent you from sweating when you are covered in your blankets.

Furthermore if you share your bed with your spouse, BedJet can split your bed into two temperature zones based on each of your personal preferences. So no more staying up and fighting with your partner about your bed being too warm or too cold. For more information you can check out BedJet here.

Hypoallergenic Bedding

Changing to hypoallergenic bedding. will help get rid of not only allergens but also bed bugs like dust mite which, release allergens into your indoor air in the form of feces. The smooth surfaces of hypoallergenic bedding's have no tiny holes or spaces for bed bugs to to hide in and breed and so minimize their spread and growth in your room. There are many options for hypoallergenic bedding's but  my personal preference is Linen Spa's bedding's. They have everything from sheets to bed encasing and you can find them on Amazon here.