Best EMF Radiation Shields

One danger in your air, you can easily overlook is EMF radiation. There is no conclusive evidence currently to conclude that exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health but the problem is with so much happening around us, its quite hard to tell whether you are getting exposed to high level EMF or not.

This why I am an advocate of using EMF shield gear to protect yourself.  Its better to be protected than not. Based on my in-depth research, I recommend EMF shield gear from Belly Armor (see here) and DefenderShield (see here) to protect yourself from all kinds of radiation in your air.

There is no device that can offer you full protection, but the shields I show you here have been scientifically proven to minimize your exposure to radiation. They can go a long way in preventing you and your loved ones from getting cancer and other radiation related health problems.

EMF Shields  & Anti-Radiation  Gear for Pregnant Women

If you are concerned about wireless radiation affecting your baby, born or unborn then you better check out Belly Armor (click here to check out Belly Armor)Belly Armor is specialized in keeping new born safe from EMF and wireless radiation. The provide well designed radiation shield clothing for pregnant women and babies. 

Their gear allow you to use your laptop and cellphone freely around your child without worrying that the radiation from these devices will affect baby.  They have everything from laptop pads, to fabric belly shields, shirts, blankets and cute baby hats and caps that will offer the best protection for you and your baby from dangerous radiation levels on a day to day basis.

EMF Radiation Protection Gear for Electronic Devices

DefenderShield is the best place to go if you are concerned about emf radiation from devices such as cell phones, laptops, WiFi routers and other connected gadgets. I particularly like their device covers because they have some one size fit all covers for tablets and phone sizes you would struggle to find anywhere else.  Beyond, shields for laptops and other other mobile devices, DefenderShield also makes radiation proof earphones. Their covers also use vegan leather on the exterior and are scratch and stain resistant in case you accidentally drop your device. Go for DefenderShield (check their device shields out on Amazon) if you want to protect yourself from 99.9% of EMF radiation from your devices. 

Another Key EMF Radiation Protection Resource

Besides EMF protective clothing and gear for your devices, there are other solutions you can implement. I certainly have not touched on everything here and if you want a more detailed guide on how you can protect yourself from EMF radiation, you have to check out The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault. 

Nicolas has taken a lot of time to detail all the different solutions available to you against EMF radiation. In his extensive guide, you will discover ways in which EMF affects you that you never thought of. You will also find out things you might be doing wrong to protect yourself due to a lot of poor information being spread around on this topic. So be sure to check out The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs if you are serious about EMF protection.