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One danger in your air, you can easily overlook is EMF radiation. There is no conclusive evidence currently to conclude that exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields is harmful to human health but the problem is with so much happening around us, its quite hard to tell whether you are getting exposed to a high level of EMF or not.

This why I am an advocate of using EMF shield gear to protect yourself.  It’s better to be protected than not. Based on my in-depth research, I recommend EMF shield gear from Belly Armor (see here) and DefenderShield (see here at Amazon) to protect yourself from all kinds of radiation in your air.

There is no device that can offer you full protection, but the shields I show you here have been scientifically proven to minimize your exposure to radiation. They can go a long way in preventing you and your loved ones from getting cancer and other radiation-related health problems.

Some of the gear I show you here is available at Amazon. Just follow the product links for more specification details and to check your desired product price at Amazon or on the actual product website.

EMF Shields  & Anti-Radiation Gear for Pregnant Women

If you are concerned about wireless radiation affecting your baby, born or unborn then you better check out Belly Armor (click here to check out Belly Armor). Belly Armor is specialized in keeping unborn and newborn babies safe from EMF and wireless radiation. They provide well-designed radiation shielding clothing for pregnant women and babies. 

Their gear allows you to use your laptop and cellphone freely around your child without worrying that the radiation from these devices will affect the baby. They have everything from laptop pads to fabric belly shields, shirts, blankets and cute baby hats and caps that will offer the best protection for you and your baby from dangerous radiation levels on a day to day basis.

EMF Shielding Clothing 

Most anti-radiation clothing I have found, for some reason or another, are largely made for pregnant women but there are several brands that cater to men as well. On Amazon, I found some cool hoodies for both men and women from blocwave

LVFEIER is another cool anti-radiation brand at Amazon that also sells EMF clothing. They have t-shirts, beanies, and underwear for men and various apparel for women. Be sure to check out LVFEIER.

A lot of these clothes are made of a silver-nylon material blend. They can shield you from RF/microwave radiation of 3000Hz and above. You have to be careful not to wash EMF clothing with bleach and do not even think about dry cleaning your EMF apparel.

EMF Shielding Bed Canopy

There a number of decent EMF shielding bed canopies available online. Among the many options, I personally found Blocsilver’s EMF shielding canopy very aesthetically appealing compared to the rest. The canopies are made in the UK and made fibers that are blended with silver.

The canopy will block a wide variety of radiation from wireless applications ranging from TV to all sorts of mobile network waves (2G - 5G) and Wi-Max, WiFi and DECT. The material is very breathable and you and your loved ones will be sure to get a good night’s rest free from EMF exposure under this bed net. 

EMF Radiation Protection Gear for Electronic Devices

DefenderShield is the best place to go if you are concerned about EMF radiation from devices such as cell phones, laptops, WiFi routers, and other connected gadgets. I particularly like their device covers because they have one size fits all covers for tablets and phone sizes you would struggle to find anywhere else.  

Beyond, shields for laptops and other mobile devices, DefenderShield also makes radiation-proof earphones. Their covers also use vegan leather on the exterior and are scratch and stain resistant in case you accidentally drop your device. Go for DefenderShield (check their device shields out on Amazon) if you want to protect yourself from 99.9% of EMF radiation from your devices. 

EMF Free Headsets

EMF shielding air tube headsets protect your head and brain from potential hazards of exposure to EMF. They protect you by delivering sound through hollow air tubes rather than through the usual wires or wireless technology which are known to emit EMF.

When looking for air tube headsets you will come across quite a number but be careful as a lot of them are low quality especially when it comes to their sound quality. Among the many options you have for air tube headsets I found the Defendershield headsets were the most reliable from build quality and sound perspective.

Defender shield headsets come with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. The only thing that was not clear about these headsets is whether the lower of half of their headphones which are still made of wire have EMF shielding but if you are worried about you can simply use a ferrite bead.

You simply clip the ferrite bead on the bottom of your headset cord near the place where it connects to your phone or whatever device you are using and the bead prevents EMF radiation over the rest of your headset cord. You can get a solid ferrite bead here at Amazon.

EMF Protective Laptop Desks

To protect my groin area from laptop EMF radiation one of my favorite things in the world ever is my portable laptop desk. 

It helps reduce EMF exposure by keeping my laptop at a safe distance from my groin area. 

On top of the laptop desk, you can also add an anti-radiation laptop pad for extra EMF protection. The laptop desk also protects your groin area and even pregnant belly from the potentially harmful heat generated from your laptop.  A sturdy laptop desk like mine that is currently available on amazon is the Songmics Laptop Desk.

EMF Shielding Bag

EMF shielding bags minimize your exposure to radiation from your own devices (e.g. laptop and cell phones) when you are carrying them around. These bags are made of Faraday fabric. Beyond minimizing your EMF exposure they also prevent anyone from wirelessly hacking your devices and contactless card as they block out communication signals.

Some good examples of EMF shielding bags include the Mission Darkness Dry Shield Faraday Tote bag and the Silent Pocket Faraday Backpack. In addition to protecting you from EMF, these bags are designed with extreme comfort in mind and are also highly durable.

EMF Shielding Paint

A way to protect yourself from EMF radiation that a lot of people do not mention is painting your home with an EMF undercoat. A good EMF shielding paint, when applied correctly and well-grounded, will protect you from microwave, low-frequency electric field, and RF radiation. You apply in your home and minimizes EMF entering your home through walls.

For good EMF paint, have a look at YShield’s EMF SHIELDING Paint at Amazon. It’s a water-resistant and eco-friendly paint that you can use as a primer on both your interior and external walls.

Smart Meter EMF Shield

Another way you get exposed to EMF radiation at home is through your electricity utility smart meter. By way of wireless communication with your energy provider, your smart meter emits some serious EMF radiation. To protect yourself from this you can cover your meter with a radiation shielding cover like this one from Smart Meter Guard

The thing with smart meters is that they also create dirty electricity by manipulating normal AC electricity to convert it into DC electricity. In turn, dirty electricity eventually becomes airborne in the form of dangerous RF radiation, seeping from electric cables, through your walls and finally into your home.

Fortunately, you can also protect yourself from all this. You will need to get a Graham Stetzer Filter and a Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter. First, plug the Graham-Stetzer Microsurge Meter into the wall and if the meter reads 50 or higher then you have to plug the Graham-Stetzer filter into the socket to get rid of the dirty electricity. 

On the other hand, if the meter reads 49or lower then your home is free of dangerous dirty electricity radiation. Accordingly, you do not need to take any further action.

EMF Measuring Meter

EMF measuring meters are probably the first thing I should have mentioned on this resource page. Before you head out and get any anti-radiation gear for your home the first thing you should do is measure the level of EMF around your home. Two devices that will help you do this are the HF-35C High-Frequency Analyzer and the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2.

The HF-35C High-Frequency Analyzer is very easy to use once you read the instruction manual. It is a perfect device for beginners who learning to measure EMF radiation. The meter is directional and shows you from which direction the EMF is coming from, making it easy to pinpoint your source of EMF.

Once you pinpoint the source of your radiation, this where the TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 comes into play. This device will accurately tell you the level of, AC electric, and  AC magnetic radiation and RF/microwave radiation. It can even detect 5G EMF levels. 

With the readings from the Trifield Meter, you can then decide if the readings you are getting in your home are high enough for you to invest in protective measures against EMF radiation. For an in-depth guide on how to measure radiation in your home, I found this article from Radiation Health Risks very helpful. 

Another Key EMF Radiation Protection Resource

Besides EMF protective clothing and gear for your devices, there are other solutions you can implement. I certainly have not touched on everything here and if you want a more detailed guide on how you can protect yourself from EMF radiation, you have to check out The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs by Nicolas Pineault. 

Nicolas has taken a lot of time to detail all the different solutions available to you against EMF radiation. In his extensive guide, you will discover ways in which EMF affects you that you never thought of. You will also find out things you might be doing wrong to protect yourself due to a lot of poor information being spread around on this topic. So be sure to check out The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs if you are serious about EMF protection.

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