Best Cleaning Supplies

You have a lot of options with cleaning supplies and tools when it comes to cleaning your home to ensure your air is always fresh.  In this post I show you some great cleaning supplies I have found for everything from washing clothes and bedding's,  and cleaning floors and furniture to removing odors around your home.

Best Odor Eliminating & Cleaning Liquids

The two best places to get cleaning liquids and detergents are at EnviroKlenz and OdorKelnz.  They are both under the same umbrella but OdorKlenz as you might have guessed specializes in getting rid of odors with Eco-friendly cleaning chemicals while Enviroklenz is more focused on environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals that help you safely clean out dangerous surface chemicals polluting the air in your home.

Cleaning liquids from these companies will clean and remove odors and dangerous chemicals that trigger multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), asthma and other allergies across your home. These companies provide detergents for clothes, and cleaning chemical for your floor, furniture and upholstery and so much more.

Their products will remove pet odors, and neutralize off-gassing of VOCs from surfaces into your indoor air. Have a look at a wide selection of OdorKlenz products here and EnviroKlenz products here

Best Odor Eliminating Powders

If you want something that  can get rid of odors worse than a skunks fart then the Van Heuvels Industrial Odor Eliminator will be your best friend. Its an odor eliminating powder and you use it by spreading it on a the surface where your odor is coming from and letting it sit for about 3-6 hours. There after you extract the dust from your surface using a vacuum cleaner or sweeping it off with a brush depending on the kind of surface you put the powder on. 

The Heuvel Odor Eliminator works well but it has a sweet smell that some people cannot stand. Check it out here on Amazon, and give it a try. If you don't like it I suggest going for products from OdorKlenz to get rid of odors around your home.

Best Steam Cleaners For Fresh Air

Steam cleaners are actually quite difficult devices to make a good call on. Every product worth looking at had  faults of some kind even the high end products costing about US$1000. After some digging I eventually  found the McCulloch MC1275.

This device is among the fairly priced heavy duty steam cleaners that work. I recommend it because of great customer service compared to other devices plus the device actually does clean your home compared to some more expensive ones.

It will get rid of odors, bed bugs, dust mite and sanitize surfaces around your home. The McCulloch MC1275 however has a cheap build and and I have seen customers who ended up with burns as a result of the device coming apart during usage. That said, this is a common problem I have observed across steam cleaners in general. You just have to be super careful with these devices. Click here to see more details on how the McCulloch MC1275 can help you.

Best Vacuum Cleaners For Fresh Air

There a lot of great Vacuum cleaners that will help freshen up your air and get rid of allergens and other pollutants that end up in your home's  air but many are highly priced. For me the big decision was between the Dyson Ball Animal Iron  and the Shark Ninja TruePet and I ended up settling for the Shark Ninja as it gives you better value for money.

The Shark Ninja does a great job and improvements are only marginal when compared to higher end devices like the Dyson and even Miele vacuum cleaners that come in at premium prices of around US$1000.  So if you ask me, about vacuum cleaners for fresh air, I say go with Shark Ninja (click here to see it) for a reasonably priced device that delivers. It has the necessary HEPA filter that traps a lot of ultra fine particulates hanging around on surfaces around your home.

Best Sink & Drain Cleaners

I once lived in an apartment with terrible sink smell and I tried throwing a lot of different chemicals down the sink and putting air purifier bags but the smell would not go away. My air purifier bag helped to some extent but at  some random hours of the day the smell would come out of my sink area in full force rendering my air purifier bag useless.

Then eventually I came across sink and drain decloggers. You see the trick with sink smell is to get something that dissolves and destroys the gunk that is causing the smell. Otherwise if the gunk is still there it continues to produce the smell and indirect interventions will only go so far. So what I discovered was the Green Gobbler clog remover.

I never had a sink clog but my drain just had a serious evil smell that comes out at night and when I have guests over. But since I started using Green Gobbler, there is no more evil smell. However, do take note that Green Gobbler is a toxic and corrosive chemical.

For me the important thing is that it kills sink smell in minutes when you pour it into your sink's drain pipes. I failed to find anything else that works this well. There are other chemicals like Green Gobbler that work as well like Drano or Plumbr but I personally prefer Green Gobbler. Its just plain cool and it comes with a guarantee. Green Gobbler is an instant fix for sink smell and you can get it here on Amazon for cheap.

Pet Urine & Hidden Odor Stain BlackLight

Pet urine odors can be a challenge to get rid of as the place where your pet peed can be invisible at times making it so easy for you to miss the spot. An easy trick that can make your life easier and find invisible dried pet urine on your carpet or anywhere across your home is a blacklight.

Shine an ultraviolet blacklight on surfaces around your house and you will see stains and levels of filth in your home you never imagined were there.  Say your naughty toddler peed on the floor somewhere and you missed it, I guarantee you a UV blacklight will reveal it all to you. If you want a UV blacklight that works, have a look at the TaoTronics blackight here . You can also try the Escolite Blacklight but just note that when you use your blacklight to detect pet urine, the urine will only show once it has dried up.