Best Whole House Air Purifiers

Whole house air purifiers are a good way of purifying the air across your entire house. There are many solutions out there but they all involve adding some kind of device to your HVAC or central  air system.

You can simply add on an air filter or you could add an air purifying unit before or after your HVAC air handler to clean your indoor air before it is released into your home through your HVAC.

Of all the companies offering whole house air purifiers, Aprilaire which is available here at Amazon  stood out for me as I researched this topic.

Why the Aprilaire?

Like all whole house air purifiers Aprilaire devices will improve the efficiency of your HVAC and minimize energy consumption  and maintenance costs of your HVAC by reducing dust levels in your duct.

This is obviously in addition to improving the air  quality  around your home. However, what sets Aprilaire apart is that their whole house air purifiers  are widely available online and they are among the few whole house air purifiers you can get through amazon.

Their whole house air purifiers are probably the most accessible online.  Before you head out and get a whole house air purifier though, the first thing to do is to consult an HVAC contractor to asses what size  you need for your home and your HVAC system's set up.

Find an HVAC Contractor

Once you get your whole house air purifier you then need an  HVAC contractor to come in and install it. The best strategy here is to get multiple quotes for installation before you settle on any given contractor. You will more likely than not save some money by doing this. A great place to find HVAC contractors who can install a whole house air purifiers if you live in the US is at or at HomeAdvisor

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