cooling fan

Its easy to find a tabletop or portable mobile fan  to cool yourself down but try finding a tabletop equivalent of an air conditioner and you will quickly realize such devices are scarce when it comes to quality. They are a rare commodity if you are searching for a high quality device that works.

Of all the portable air coolers out there I recommend the Zero Breeze air cooler. It is miles ahead of rival devices and accordingly it doesn't come cheap. I think is hefty price tag is because the manufacturers know that you won't  find anything better. Its the most powerful device of its kind I have seen (click here to check it out on the Zero Breeze website).

In the rest of this post, I delve into more detail about what the Zero Breeze air cooler can do and I also look at some alternatives you can use to cool your air while you are on the go.

Some of the gear I show you here is available at Amazon. Just follow the product links for more specification details at Amazon or on the product's  actual website.

Why Zero Breeze?

Zero Breeze is a huge leap forward in portable air cooling. This is an ideal device for use if you change apartments often and you do not want another bulky device to carry around. You can also use it to cool you down when you are outdoors like on a camping trip. Its great for RV's and that cabin in the woods get away and its pet friendly too.

Its big enough to cool a small room but at the same time small enough to carry around. The Zero Breeze comes with a rechargeable battery, and this battery is powerful enough for you to even charge your mobile devices through using the air coolers USB ports. The zero breeze also comes with a Bluetooth speaker and bright LED flash light. 

Its a portable air cooler that wont disappoint you and you will know from the first day if works for your needs. If your are unhappy with this device, you can also easily return it for a full refund within 14 days from your purchase date. See more details about Zero Breeze here

An Alternative to Zero Breeze

I struggled to find a direct alternative worth mentioning for Zero Breeze. The best I could find is the Icy Breeze portable cooler (check it out at Amazon). Its not as portable as the Zero Breeze and actually has wheels to drag it on. Whats more it has very low air output force and it will definitely not cool a small room.

It is much cheaper than the Zero but its battery only lasts 4 hours on its lowest fan speed as opposed to the  3.5 hours you will get from Zero Breeze on its highest fan speed. Plus this device doubles as a cooler box for food and drinks. I think it works better as a cooler box than an air cooler. I would honestly rather save up for the Zero Breeze if you are serious about cooling your air on the go.

A Cheaper But Smaller Alternative

The best cheaper alternative to the Zero Breeze under US$100 is the HoMedics MyChill (check it out at Amazon here). It does no where near what the Zero Breeze can do but it is way more portable. Its an ideal  small air cooler device for your bed side or your work desk.

The MyChill is not for you if you are looking to cool even a small room. That is not what its made for. This is one of those devices you have to use when you are in close proximity to feel the effects. So if you are sitting watching TV and or working on your desk and not moving around, and you just need cooling for you and you alone in your personal space, then go for the MyChill air cooler.