Best Personal & Small Portable Air Purifiers

Personal and portable air purifiers are useful devices if you want to keep breathing clean air while you are on the move. They come in various shapes and sizes but most importantly you can carry them around with you easily. I have classified them in their three main usage categories here. In short they can be used on table tops, in a vehicle or while travelling or taking a walk.

If I was asked to choose a  personal air purifier I would go for the Wynd air purifier (check it out here at Amazon). Its such a versatile device with great functionality and quality and you can use it almost anywhere.

I provide more details, on the Wynd air purifier in the rest of this post. I also show you other great devices for you to consider if you are looking for a personal air purifier for whatever situation.

Some of the gear I show you here is available at Amazon. Just follow the product links for more specification details at Amazon or on the actual product's website.

Best Desktop or Tabletop Air Purifier

1. Wynd Air PuriferThe Wynd air purifier has a medical grade filter in its core that can filter out dust, pollen, smog, dander, bacteria and mold from the air. I love this device because you can take it anywhere with you. Its the size of a large water bottle and you can carry it with you when walking and also easily find a way to jog with it.

The device works beautifully as a desk air purifier too.  To add on, the device also has an air quality monitor that integrates with your phone through an app to tell you your air quality while you are on the go.  

My main qualms with Wynd is its low durability and sometimes its air quality tracker does not work well. Regardless the Wynd air purifier is a great carry around device you can use on your desk. Put it non your table at the coffee shop, or on your desk at the office and when you get home, leave it on your bedside table. Click here for more detail on the Wynd air purifier.

2. IQAir Atem Desk Air Purifier:  IQAir's Atem desk air purifier is not as portable as the Wynd air purifier but I have got to say, this is as good as desk air purifiers get from an air filtration and cleaning perspective. This air purifier is the work horse of desk and tabletop air purifiers. It won't filter VOCs or odors but it filters out particulate matter that are as small as 0.003 microns. 

This air purifier will take out particles that are 10 times smaller than a virus. The Atem can also be controlled using your phone remotely. My problem with the Atem air purifier is that unlike the Wynd air purifier it has to be plugged into a power supply. Accordingly  I recommend this for your office desk  or your bedside table where you have a near by socket. Click here to see the Atem air purifier.

3. Air Oasis SanifierI am a proponent for PCO air purifiers and this one is the only one I have seen to date that is portable.  The Air Oasis Sanifier destroys all kinds of pollutants in your air be it odors, gasses or particulate matter.  I explain more about how PCO air purifiers work here but if you don't have time to go through the details, just know that they are the type of air purifiers that clean and eliminate just about everything out of your air.  

This air purifier is highly suited for your work desk or tabletop. It can clean air in an area of up to 250 sq ft which is about the size of a small room and better coverage than most tabletop air purifiers can manage.  The Sanifier does not use filters but rather a reaction chamber that needs to be replace every 1-3 years depending on how you use your device. 

4. Amaircare Roomaid MiniThe final desktop air purifier I recommend to anyone is  the Amaircare Roomaid. This is a compact high quality true-HEPA air purifier packed with activated carbon to filter out both odors and particulate pollutants in your personal space.

It has to be plugged in to some power supply to work and like the Air Oasis Sanifier it can do up to 250 sq ft room coverage.  Like the Wynd  air purifier, you will have to replace your filters every year for  the Amaircare. I recommend the Amaircare if you are looking for a powerful device to do some heavy duty air cleaning of gasses and particulates. See more information about the Amaircare purifier here .

These four portable air purifiers are all the portable air purifiers I recommend for desk or tabletop  use. I would go with the Atem if you are not concerned about VOCs. Then if you work on hot desks and you often have to move around from  desk to desk, go for the Wynd air purifier as it is easy to move with because you don't have to plug it in anywhere except when its charging (plus you can charge it on your laptop too).

If you want a portable personal air purifier that cleans pretty much every type of pollutant in your air then go for either the Amaircare or Air Oasis purifier. The Air Oasis however performs better for gaseous pollutants while the Amaircare will give you better performance with particulates. If you are equally concerned about all types of pollutants, either the one of these two will work for you.

Best RV, Car  or Vehicle Air Purifier

For vehicle use, my first choice is the Wynd air purifier because of its high portability. Next you can use the Amaircare or Air Oasis Sanifier either in your R.V or car. They both come with a power cable you can plug into your cigarette lighter socket.

On the other hand the IQAir Atem needs a proper plug point to work well. So your best bet with the Atem is to get one only if you have an R.V or a car with a proper socket/plug point. It will be a struggle to use if whatever vehicle you intend to use it in does not have readily available plug points.

Another car specific air purifer worth considering is the TeslaAir Car Air Purifier by Airdog. It uses an eletronic air cleaning approach known as Two Pole Active (TPA) Acquire Technology.  The beauty of this device is that it automatically turns itself on and off as you enter and leave your car.

With the Airdong car air purfier you also never need to replace any filters ever. To keep the device running efficiently you simply need to wash your filter and using a builtin sensor the device notifies you exactly when to wash your filter. The Airdog Car Air Purifier is available here at Amazon.

Best Travel Air Purifier

Now for travel air purifiers, the easiest device to take around with you is the Wynd air purifier and you can turn it on wherever you areYou just have to be mindful of your battery life though and perhaps carry a portal USB charger with you in case  it runs out of battery power.  Another device you could try use is the Air Tamer

You wear the AirTamer around your neck and it releases negative ions that neutralize pollutant particles around your head before you can inhale them. This was a very popular type of portable air purifier some time back but because it produces ozone and due to an accidental fire incident on an airline (see neck air purifier section in this post), it lost its popularity.  Accordingly, I recommend the Air Tamer on two conditions, you are not using it when you are travelling by plane and you have no sensitivities to ozone. Otherwise, simply stick to the Wynd air purifier.

So these are all the personal and portable air purifiers worth your while. There are other devices out there but with the one's I have suggested here, you should not go wrong or have any major issues if you use them as I have recommended here and in other posts through out this blog.

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