Best Air Filters

There are many great air filter brands you can get online. However I look for brands that can customize and tailor their filters to fit your HVAC or air cleaning system.

For me Nordic Pure (see Nordic Pure filters at Amazon) has been the brand of filters I swear by. 

Why Nordic Pure Air Filters?

Beyond their ability to customize their air filters for your needs, Nordic Pure offers air filters for a variety of purposes ranging from allergy prevention to odor control.

For example, to minimize odors in your home they have pleated activated carbon and baking soda filters which absorb odor causing gases passing through them as your HVAC or central air system circulates the air in your home.

Whats more, Nordic Pure also has under window air filters. These allow you to keep your windows closed and still let fresh air into your home.

hese come in handy if you leave next to a road with a lot of traffic pollution or when you need to keep smoke and related pollution during wildfires.

Above all, Nordic Pure also have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee on all their filters in case you are not happy with their performance.  Click here to check out your air filter options on Nordic Pure's website.