Best Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are one of the devices the world has mastered in manufacturing and you really can't go wrong in finding a nice one for your home. My biggest challenge when it comes to choosing dehumidifiers is that there is too many devices to choose from.

After some indecision and paralysis by analysis I finally settled for an Ivation dehumidifier for small rooms and a hOmeLabs dehumidifier for large room  and basements. I describe them in more detail below.

Some of the gear I show you here is available at Amazon. Just follow the product links for more specification details at Amazon or on the actual product's website.

Best Dehumidifier For Small to Medium Sized Rooms

As there are so many devices on the market the dehumidifier market is very competitive and this works out well for us consumers as the prices are kept relatively low. For instance small to medium size dehumidifiers range in price from as little as US$30 to about $200.

I went for a device on the higher end and its comes with a built in partial UV and ionic air purifier. The Ivation 11 Pint Small-Area Compressor Dehumidifier can dry air in areas of up to 216 sq ft. Its suitable for apartments and you can also use it in an RV. It will prevent mold and dust mite and keep musty odors at bay in small to medium sized rooms. Check out the Ivation Small Room  Dehumidifier at Amazon here for more detailed info on its specs and features.

Best Dehumidifier for Large Rooms

I am not sure why the price of large dehumidifiers does no increase by much compared to the higher end smaller ones. Most large room dehumidifiers are priced  around the US$200 to US$350 range.  After going through numerous devices I ended up choosing the hOmeLabs 70 pint Dehumidifier.  

This device can cover rooms of up to 4000 Sq Ft. It works well for basements and large rooms. When your device malfunctions the customer service is really helpful and I have seen cases where customers get full refunds and a new device just because of a minor fault on their device.   For more information about the hOmeLabs 70 pint Dehumidifier, click here to have a look at it on Amazon.

Best Smart Dehumidifier 

In addition to being a great option for small rooms, the Ivation 11 Pint Small Compressor Dehumidifier is also my list of best self-regulating smart dehumidifiers. The unit features a Smart Mode whereby it automatically starts and stops to maintain your desired humidity level as conditions in your home change.

For a smart large room dehumidifier, the Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier with WiFi Controls is my go to dehumidifier.  Not only does the unit automatically set a comfortable fan speed and humidity according to your indoor environment but through its WiFi feature you can also turn it on and off and control its operating mode from your smart phone.

For both the Ivation and Frigidaire smart units,  when the indoor humidity is lower than the set humidity, the units slow down their operations or stop automatically. They also display the room’s current humidity on the control panel.

Both devices warn you when you when their water buckets are full. Their smart features really save you a lot of time and headaches in running a household dehumidifier. For more detail, you can have a look at the Ivation unit here and the Frigidaire unit here.

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